The Ultimate Guide to Marketing for Influencers:

A book written for Influencers to take their social media channels and brand to the next level using marketing in ways that they were never taught.

Marketing for Influencers

The first book that will teach influencers marketing tools and strategies they can use for themselves and their collaborations.

This book is written for those who already make money off their personal social media profile and want to leverage that to make more. Inside you’ll learn real marketing tactics to increase your value, revenue, and maximize your audience.

What influencers are saying:

Alexis Michaud


Besides being my favorite human Joe when it comes down to social media is a genius. He comes up with techniques to make my engagement go insane! He's the best!

Tomas Echeverria


I've know Joe for years and he's helped me bring real marketing tools into my fitness business that has ramped up my sales.

Olivia Pascale


Joe has been a such a great person to have as a council. Every conversation I have had with him about marketing has been one I am glad to of had.

Dante Monteverde


I met Joe in Hawaii and he was speaking to influencers about Marketing. His hour presentation alone was extremely insightful and valuable.

Vanessa Christine


First met Joe during an influencer trip where he gave presentation on beating the algorithm which have really helped my growth.

Joe Casanova

He has been working with influencers since 2011 helping them build their audience and monetize their channels. He comes from a background in marketing and applies traditional marketing strategies and tools to social media influencers to help them scale their brand. He is best known for scaling an influencer from zero followers to 3.4 million and then generating $100,000 in less than 30 days from their channel.

What we’ll cover


Social Media can be a lucrative business and in this book you’ll learn how to get new brands to collaborate, how to offer them more services, negotiating for more money, and more.


An influencer is nothing without their following. Instead of focusing on the amount of followers I help you focus on your true fans and how to provide them more value to generating more business.


Social Media Influencers stumble across marketing and never studied it. There are many different types of marketing from SEO to Affiliate Marketing influences can utilize which you will learn here.


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